Pages Pinnacle

Becoming rightly more popular as a trail running destination, Pages Pinnacle was previously largely the target of climbers and hikers.

Involving plenty of scrambling and a little bit of genuine, albeit fairly pedestrian climbing, it provides a relatively gentle introduction to pursuits outside the domain of (too) many trail runners.

How to Get There


How to get there

See Strava for details:

The “short cut” entrance to the single trail leading to Pages Pinnacle is easily spotted from the Polly’s fire-trail.  Marked by cairns on both sides of the trail, you can no longer miss it.

It is most readily accessible from Polly’s backside, with parking available near the gate on Pine Creek Road [approx. -28.107970, 153.250964].  The turnoff is about 2.1-2.2km from the gate.

There is another single trail entrance, about 1.5-1.6km from the backside gate, which travels down beneath the ridge before wrapping back around the end (Pinnacle) and looping back to the start of the climb across the ridge.

Although much longer, allow some time to complete this loop at some stage.  As the trail skirts along the bottom of the ridge, there are massive sheer rock walls that are crying out to be bouldered.  This could be a very safe, unintimidating introduction to climbing on real rock!

Of course, both single trail entrances to Pages Pinnacle can be accessed from Polly’s front face, but you will have to hike up and over to get there.

Frolicking is Fun

Some of my favourite times in the bush have involved “trail less travelled”, “not quite a trail”, and sometimes entirely off-trail adventures.  I highly encourage other runners to do the same.