The Highland Hippie’s Lament [Poem]

The Auld Highland Hippie
That frolicking fool
Up forested mountains
He climbed like a mule

In balance with nature
His soul did reside
As the fast pace of living
He could not abide


One fateful Spring morning
His journey adjourned
‘Midst the fog of distraction
Insomnia earned

His leg, it did zag
While his body, it zigged
And his ankle was wrenched
Till it snapped like a twig


So now, he must ponder
Whilst riding his bike
If he has enough time
To proceed as he’d like

From weight-bearing load
He protects his left foot
Till the ligament heals
From the steps he mistook


While stubborn is strong
In one focussed as he
We can never escape
Certain fait accompli

Now he hobbles in sadness
Mind and body all spent
In his beloved mountains
You may hear his lament